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Buying a House: Look Out for These Neighbor Red Flags

Shopping for potential homes is the best albeit tiring part. You will be going around new estates or properties and old developments to tour listings. You will be judging each property and imagining what your life is going to be like when you finally move in. However, in between admiring the marble countertop and swooning

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Sustainability in Real Estate: Why It Matters and How to Do It

From 2019 to early 2020, Australia was on fire. It was one of the worst bushfires that the nation has ever experienced. Up to 1.25 billion animals, including ones that are already dwindling in numbers, have been killed. It left up to 19 million hectares of land in ashes, mostly forests and bushlands but also affecting


Home Design Ideas from Nancy Meyers’s Movies

When we watch films by Nancy Meyers, we find ourselves invested in the characters, their relationships with each other, and the stories. But, when we watch her films, we’re also drawn to another aspect: the interior design of the characters’ homes.  Here’s a closer look at the homes in some of her popular movies. They’ll

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Why We Love Seeing Other People’s Homes

Many of us grew up watching celebrities give a tour. Saying the phrase, “Hello, MTV, welcome to my crib,” has a sense of novelty and achievement to it. It feels as if success means owning a home that’s worthy of being on MTV Cribs. Yes, we see some of the most outrageous and expensive homes

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Electrical Safety Practices to Observe Throughout the Year

In today’s technology-dependent world, electricity has become essential for many, and though convenient, it still has its risks, making safety vitally important. Thousands of individuals in the United Kingdom get into accidents involving electric shocks or burns in their own homes every year. An average of 20,000 accidental fires in UK homes happens annually, injuring thousands

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Tips When Buying a House: 3 Things That You Should Not Do

Buying a house is a huge commitment. The transaction involves a lot of money and you probably will have to spend years of your life living in it.  Real estate is a good way to invest, too. Over time, the value of the property, especially if it is in a coveted spot, will appreciate.  However,

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15 Ways To Prep Your Home Before You Sell It

If you plan on selling your house because you’re moving to a different location or want to build a new home on that land for sale that you recently bought, here are some ways to help you prepare your home before you have it listed. 15 Things to Do Before Selling Your House Detach from

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6 Signs That Your Home Insurance Provider Is Acting In Bad Faith

More often than not, processing a home insurance claim involves a few inconveniences and hold-ups. However, there is a difference between typical glitches and bad faith practices. How do you know if your insurer is doing the latter? Look for the following signs: 1. The claim is taking too long to process If a reasonable

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Fire Prevention Tips for Your Home

In the UK alone, there is an average of 37,000 fires every year, a majority of which is caused by cooking appliances and electrical misuse at home. Especially during the months when it’s relatively hot outside, homeowners need to be more careful about leaving things plugged in their homes or making use of electrical appliances. Indeed,

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