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Rental Apartments Can and Should Look Nice

We are in the middle of one of the most chaotic housing markets of our time, and while economic recovery and growing confidence say otherwise, there’s no denying that the threat of uncertainty and outraged volatility has most people stepping away from the risk of a housing bubble. As a result, many first-time homebuyers and

Finding Good Real Estate Deals: What You Should Know

Ever heard about that one apartment down the street that’s for sale with an exorbitantly high price tag? If you haven’t, that’s because most people know it’s not a good deal. Almost everyone is looking for a good deal to save money and resources while still getting the things they need and want. However, finding

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Are You Buying a House? Here Are 5 Things You Need to Ask Yourself First

Your first house can either be one of the best purchases of your life yet or one of the worst. Many people who jump into this big purchase without doing the proper research often end up with buyer’s remorse. They realize soon enough that the mortgage they’re paying is too high, the house has depreciated

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The Life of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Nobody went to school when they were kids to tell their parents that they want to be real estate agents. It’s one of those lucrative careers that people learn to be when they grow older. What do they do in the first place? Real estate agents give clients advice about pricing, market conditions, and mortgages.

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Making Nature a Priority in Your Living Arrangements

When you’re looking to make home improvements or planning to relocate with one eye on the property listings in your intended destination, where does nature rank among your priorities? For most people, the answer is probably not very high. Price and location, style and features, return on investment for upgrades, these things matter. But proximity


3 Signs It’s Time to Live Someplace Else Besides Manila

As the center for trade and commerce, Manila is a top-tier capital for most Filipinos. Those who live in the provinces pack their bags to live and eventually find work here. Others from nearby areas commute early in the morning to beat the rush-hour traffic. But despite the glam and offer of opportunities the capital

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Things You Need Before Buying a New Home

Homeownership is one of the many parts of the American dream. Everyone who lives in the US wants to own a home (or two) at some point in their lives. There aren’t many Americans who would want to rent for the rest of their lives, especially once they raise their own family. A survey found

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Safety First: Ensuring Your New Home Is Safe From Fires

One fear that many new homeowners have is something bad happening to their newly bought homes. The most devastating cause would be a fire. Fires can be very dangerous and destructive. There were around 243 deaths in the UK because of fires from 2019 to 2020 alone. But what is worse is the increase in

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Ways to Earn Money in Real Estate

It is never too easy to earn money, no matter the industry. But it is possible. Investing in real estate is one way to earn slowly and steadily, but like any other forms of investments, it requires a lot of determination. Earning money through real estate is a tried and tested approach. But it does

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